Our Mission

  “We Engage. Connect. Evolve.”

Extraordinary Experiences

Cosplay.AE was founded by Art, Gaming, Pop Culture and Japanese Culture enthusiasts that joined together to create events and spectacles for the community, by the community!

Our Core Values

Teaming up with several Public and Private Sectors in the area, we formed Cosplay.Ae, a Project and event management company with unique takes on conventions and events. We strive to bring the latest Cosplays, Anime and Games events to the UAE!


Marvel and DC have been a big part of everyone’s childhood, us included! we strive to celebrate our heroes and share their stories.


We keep up with the latest anime trends and try to bring the most recent anime characters to life in our events, be it from cosplayers or booths or art!


A large portion of our community are casual and dedicated gamers. All genres of gamers are welcome!